Pavan Bhattad
ThinkGenius Licensed
Instructor in Speed Reading

Creativity and Innovation

Often people think that innovation is "coming up with new ideas", "doing things differently", "doing something unique" etc. That's incorrect. All these, are a result of innovation. Not the process.
How do you come up with a new idea?
    How do you do something different?
        How do you create something unique?

The cut-throat competition is forcing people to be innovative. Everybody today has no choice but to be creative and innovative. Every customer wants an innovative vendor. Every company wants an Innovative CEO. Every CEO wants an innovative team. Yet, rarely people are seen learning "how to Innovate".

Thinking is hard only because it is not taught. – Pavan Bhattad.

In the Creativity and Innovation workshop we teach every aspect of Innovative and creative thinking. We teach various modes of thinking like Generative, Reactive, Analytical, Proactive, Emotional, Selective thinking.

Learnings at Creativity and Innovation workshop

Module 1:

- Experiential exercise to test your current creativity.
- State of creativity on the planet.
- Why be creative

Module 2: Generative thinking

- Experiential exercise to understand Generative thinking.
- Fast brain and slow brain
- Debating with yourself.

Module 3: Reactive thinking

- Nature of reactive thinking
- When is reactive thinking good
- When is reactive thinking bad
- Deliberate and Creative reactive thinking

Module 4: Analytical thinking

- Convergent thinking
- Rejection
- Whole brain analysis

Module 5: Proactive thinking

- Meta-cognition
- Purposeful creativity
- Thought exercises

Module 6: Emotional thinking

- Role of emotions in creativity and innovation

Module 7: Selective thinking

- Natural impulse and selective thinking
- Perception

Module 8: Brain storming

- The right method of Brain storming
- Before brainstorming
- All-Inclusive brain storming
- Role of Mind maps in Brain storming

Closing Note

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