Pavan Bhattad
ThinkGenius Licensed
Instructor in Speed Reading

Mind Mapping

The Mind Map is a visual representation of the thought process that became instantly popular as a creative, innovative and efficient alternative to linear notation. The Mind Map is an adaptable tool for just about anything: planning, organizing, creating, presenting, problem solving, communicating and many more!

Just the way your brain works, Mind Mapping® allows ideas to radiate from a central focus while providing a holistic picture of the situation. This program looks at the practical application of Mind Maps. You will learn to:

• Unlock the power of radiant thinking by knowing how the brain really works
• Develop Mind Maps that capture complete concepts
• Capture and comprehend information easily with greater completeness and clarity
• Use Mind maps to develop new ideas
• Use Mind Mapping to plan activities of all types - personal, study and work related
• Create Mind Maps that organize information coming in and out of your head
• Create Group Mind Maps that engage and empower team collaboration and creativity


By understanding the way the brain really works and applying the Laws of Mind Mapping to organize and develop thinking, Mind Maps help to:

• Plan assignments, projects and other activities in a fraction of the time normally needed
• Work creatively either individually or in a team to generate innovative new ideas on demand
• Communicate issues, ideas and concepts easily and quickly
• Study more effectively and significantly improve learning results
• Capture and comprehend vast amounts of information relevant to their focus

This is not a seminar where you sit and listen. This Mind Mapping course is designed to involve you and let you experience your creativity growing over the day. This program also teaches techniques to increase information absorption and recall.

Learnings at Mind Mapping workshop

Module 1:

- Experiential exercise to understand the power of mind mapping.
- Introduction to Mind Mapping - discover your first mind map

Module 2:

- Understanding the Brain's language.

Module 3:

- The reason and science behind Mind Mapping
- Whole brain thinking, Radiant thinking
- Product and profile Mind maps

Module 4:

- Laws of Mind Mapping with reasoning
- Experiential exercise : Mind map as a KING of memory tools

Module 5:

- Experiential exercise: Mind mapping for planning and management
- Experiential exercise: Group mind mapping - Uses of Mind Maps in Business, Education, Self-Development

Closing Note

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