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Pavan Bhattad
ThinkGenius Licensed
Instructor in Speed Reading

Speed Reading

Is Slow Reading CRIPPLING Your Life ?
Do You Buy Books For YourSELF or YourSHELF ?
DOUBLE Your Reading Speed In One Day !
Feel In Control Of Your Time & Your Life !
Dramatically Increase Your Understanding & Comprehension !
Learn how to Speed Read with the techniques used by world record holders in speed reading.

The education system demands a lot of reading from us but never taught how to read efficiently. After teaching us simple words and sentences, we were left to ourselves to figure out how to read. In the Speed Reading lessons you learn how to effectively use your eyes and brain to read much faster and understand text even better than your current understanding.

Learn powerful and proven speed reading skills that will help you:

- At least double your reading speed within the workshop. You may increase your reading speed by up to 5 times.
- Understand reading.
- Understand the power and function of eyes and brain during reading.
- Increase reading comprehension with broader vocabulary and improved understanding and recall.
- Deal with the pile of reports, papers, magazines, and the unread books on the bookshelf.
- Bring your reading to life using the new knowledge and skills you've gained.

This Speed Reading course is backed by Science and designed to involve you and let you experience your speed growing over the day. You will walk out with your speed at least doubled.

Learnings at the Speed Reading workshop

Module 1:

- Test your current reading speed.

Module 2:

- Understanding the brain's love for Speed.
- Understanding of Reading.
- General problems and misconceptions about reading

Module 3:


- Understand how the eyes work when you read.
- Understand the power of your eye.
- Understand how to best use your eye for speed reading.


- Understand how the brain works when you read.
- Understand the power of your brain.
- Understand how to best use your brain for speed reading.

Module 4:

- Advanced speed reading tools and techniques.
- Managing Information overload
- The perfect reading environment.
- Review various reading problems and myths

Module 5:

- Reading Newspapers and Magazines.
- Speed reading on Electronic screens. (iPad, phones, laptop, etc.)

Module 6:

- Before and after reading.
- Next steps

Closing Note

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