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ThinkGenius Learners Club (TGLC) is an initiative started by Pavan Bhattad to bring together forever learners on a single platform to share knowledge. The club meets once a month for 2-3 hours. Some of the activities performed at the club meet are:

Book Review

A club member presents a book he has read. The presentation helps people understand the content and the message of the book. For those who find reading a challenge, this serves as a golden opportunity to understand a book every month without reading it.

Expert Talk

An expert is invited to deliver a session on a certain topic.

New Learnings

Apart from Book review and expert talk, Pavan delivers a new learning that directly benefits your brain.

Mind Maps showcase

Members can use the opportunity to showcase their Mind Maps. This serves a dual purpose where the presenter gets valuable feedback on the Mind Map from the audience while the audience gets to see more creative Mind Maps.


Networking is a very valuable advantage of the ThinkGenius Learners Club. The club meetup can serve as an excellent opportunity to grow your social network.

Apart from the club meets, members also receive valuable knowledge and learning via Emails, Messaging and Social networks.

I welcome all my students, delegates and associates to actively participate in the club
and grow your Neural Connections - Pavan Bhattad
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