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Pavan Bhattad


  • ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor in Mind Mapping, Creativity, Innovation and iMindMap
  • ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor in Memory
  • ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor in Speed Reading

About Trainer

Pavan Bhattad is a Creative thinking coach and India's highest qualified Mind Maps trainer. To keep it simple, Pavan teaches people how to use their head.

Inventor of the highly recognized and renowned Brainival

India's Highest Qualified Mind Maps Trainer.

India's First and Only Senior ThinkBuzan Licensed Trainer in Mind Maps, Speed Reading, Creative Thinking and Memory.

Arbiter at the World Memory Championships 2014.

Certified Senior Trainer of the Musical Windows System of Memory.

Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming

Pavan is himself directly trained by many world renowned experts like:

  • - Tony Buzan, Inventor of Mind Maps, Nobel Prize nominee.
  • - Vikrant Chaphekar, Inventor of Musical Windows Memory System.
  • - Phil Chambers, Chief arbiter at World memory championships, Speed Reading expert.
  • - Owen Hardy, Creativity and iMindMap Expert.
  • - David Lincoln, President ANLP.

Pavan has mastered many thinking tools invented by Tony Buzan, Chris Griffiths, Edward de Bono and the likes.

Past: More than 14 years of a rocking IT career. Spearheaded multiple industry first solutions in telecom, mobile and healthcare for global giants.

Now on a mission to improve GLOBAL BRAIN LITERACY under his banner ThinkGenius.

Before venturing into Training, Pavan had 14 years of Innovation and broad thought leadership experience in Training, High Tech, Healthcare, Wellness, Mobile Industries in India and abroad.

  • - Global technology, business and management background driving significant growth through executive roles in Strategy, Product Management, Innovation, Operations.
  • - Led global cross functional, internal and external teams.
  • - Hired, built and managed large teams.
  • - Started the Offshore development center for a vibrant startup and grew it to 40+ people.
  • - Led Strategy, Engineering, Operations.

Industry Exposure:
- Training, Telecom, Mobile, Software, Healthcare, Wellness, Personnel Security etc.

Leadership Roles in Multi-disciplinary Functions:
- Managing teams (global, cross-functional, diverse)
- Business Strategy & Long-range Planning
- Operationalizing Strategies
- Product Strategy / Product Management
- Technology Roadmapping

- Ability to solve large, complex business problems with 'hands-on leadership'